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Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Day 7
You're stuck with me...
Alicia ran out into the snow, tears falling from her eyes and her mother calling out to her from the open door. Her head was pounding from her near death experience, all she wanted now was to be alone.
Alicia stopped running and looked around. She was at the park. It was always quiet and empty during the winter. She liked this because she could be alone in a place the snow made look beautiful.  She sat on a bench and shivered from the cold, but she didn't care much for it. Warm tears fell from her eyes as she shook her head slowly "N-no....Like I told myself the first night..It's all just a dream...A stupid....Stupid dream...."
She curled up and shook her head more "T-the DreamScape....Isn't real...The Nightmare Zone....Isn't real....Rei...H-he....He isn't...." She shut her eyes tightly as more tears poured out. Alicia opened her eyes a bit as a warm, soft familiar scarf was wrapped around her neck "What're you doing out here, huh?" She g
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Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Night 6
...How could I let this happen...
Rei jumped up quickly and screamed, looking around frantically. When he calmed down a bit, he felt the pain in his head and saw his vision was a bit blurred. He shook his head and leaned on the stand, knocking over Alicia's dream orb. He gasped and grabbed it before it hit the floor, sighing in relief "Sorry about that...I'm not all together yet...Forgot you were there...." he laughed a bit and brushed it off. His eyes grew wide when he saw it; a long crack slowly making it's way down the middle of the orb. Rei shook his head again and rubbed his eye "Oh no..." he ran his finger along the crack "This isn't good..."
He frowned and placed the orb back on the stand. A picture suddenly flashed in the orb along with the sound of screams. Rei blinked in surprise "Did I forget to bring her here tonight...Poor girl...Having another nightmare..." He concentrated and rubbed the orb. "Come on...What's scaring you tonight..." As the pictur
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Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Night 5
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Ah...There you are, my dear..." Rei took Alicia's hand into his and kissed it "I have been waiting for you..." she looked at him in confusion "Uhh...Rei...Are you feeling okay?" Rei looked up at her "Okay? Am I feeling OKAY?!" He picked her up and twirled around "I'm excited!!" he laughed and held her "I have something very special planned for tonight!" he pet her head "Very special , indeed..." They suddenly appeared in front of a black door. Rei put Alicia down, opened the door and motioned for her to walk in "Ladies first..." he said with a grin. She walked in, Rei following close behind.
Inside, the room was just as big as the DreamScape, but not nearly as colorful. The room was pitch black and cold, the only light was the faint glow from the dream orbs floating about. In every direction she could her distant screams and pleas for help. Alicia started shaking as goosebumps dotted her skin, she turned to Rei, who was locking the door.
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Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Night 4
If only...
Rei and Alicia were laying down in the middle of the DreamScape wehre the stand that held Alicia's dream orb stood. They were talking and eating what Rei called a "Forgiveness Cantaloupe", it was to make up for leaving her to suffer the nightmare she had the night before.
"I told my mom about my nightmare and how I heard a voice saying it'd be alright, now she believes I have a crush on someone because she thinks you hear your cruch's voice comforting you during nightmares...Thanks a lot..." Rei laughed "Well sorry, you just looked too sad to leave you all alone! Would you have preferred me there, holding you?" "No! Stay out of my dreams" he laughed more "Anyway...Your mom sounds kinda nice....If I was human...I would do a bunch of crazy things! I don't care if i risk my life, that's where all the fun comes from!"  Alicia sat up "But can't you already do whatever you want and more?" He shrugged "Yeah, but it's no fun when you know you won't die from
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Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Night 3
I don't understand how in such a short time, I have grown so used to someone being here with me...Why do I feel so alone when she's not here...It's not like I haven't been alone for years before she came...So why...?
Rei looked deeply into Alicia's dream orb. She was having a nightmare, but he couldn't bring himself to move her to the Nightmare Zone earlier in the day. "That place is terrible..." he told himself before "It'll make it worse... Putting her there from such a mild nightmare would be like rubbing salt in an open wound..." He sighed and continued to watch. He was fascinated even by her nightmares. They would have unimaginably horrifying creatures in a terrifying environment. They weren't the most original nightmares, but they were like watching a horror movie: Suspenseful and leaving him wanting more.
"Your emotions are foolish..." Rei turned his head to the direction where a disembodied voice came from "Says you..." he replied blankly "We all do as
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Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Night 2
He was a surprise...Never in my life had two come around the same time...But he...Something didn't seem right...So I just stayed away...I didn't trust him as much as I did her....And I didn't even know him...I couldn't find his dream orb...Something isn't right about him...
Alicia awoke once again in the DreamScape, but denied being there. She got up and dusted herself off " This is just a stupid dream..." she mumbled to herself "Nothing but a dumb repetitive dream...It's not real" she sighed, Rei slowly floated down next to her, stroking his chin and smirking a bit "Hmm...If this place is the bridge between dreams and reality, maybe it doesn't exist at all...Maybe...I am a human...Maybe...The DreamScape is MY dream and this is just some weird conjoined dream! Does this mean we are what the humans call "soul mates"?" Rei laughed at the look of disgust  on Alicia's face "I don't want you as my "soul mate" if you look like that!!!" she pushed him away "Well I can'
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Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Night 1
"It was a normal night...Normal as any other night would be...I find it funny that when I recently took a fascination with her amazing imagination, she came...Like the Gods and Goddesses of Fate had decided to bring us together...To allow me to meet her and her big, bright green eyes...Green eyes that shown no sorrow...Green eyes that shined with only happiness...Green eyes....That would make anyone smile...."
The room was big. It was big with many bubble like orbs floating around. The orbs shown people doing things they could not, meeting people that have been long gone and preforming impossible deeds. These were things people could only dream of doing.
Alicia's eyes wandered in confusion and amazement. She didn't understand where she was, but it was beautiful. There wasn't one place she looked that was dull. The room was bright with colors of all sorts and everything sparkled and shimmered, but, in the center of it all, was something that caught her eye. In t
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Prologue: Rei: Keeper of Dreams
Have you ever had that feeling before?
Like you're floating?
Not in water but just...
I have these dreams, but they don't seem like dreams. They're so real. I float in the sky! Doesn't everyone have dream to fly without the help of some weird invention? Maybe they're lucid dreams; I heard those dreams feel real. I've never had those kind of dreams before, so I don't know if I have them. I heard they were rare, but it's suppose to be bad to have a lot, so maybe I'm unlucky. I told my brother about them once, he teased me and said I was going to get stuck in between the world of dreams and reality and go insane.
My brother is silly...
Just maybe...
He knew what he was talking about...
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